New Grants Available for Ramah Campers

Ramah Outdoor Adventure at Ramah in the Rockies, one of the only Kosher Outdoor Adventure Camps in the country, has received generous funding that has been earmarked for $400 tuition credits for all campers entering grades 5 & 6 who register for session III (August 3-15) .  This grant is in addition to the need-based funds and incentive grants already available to offset tuition, such as JWest/Rishon opportunities which are automatically awarded to any youth who is attending a Jewish camp for the first time.

Ramah Outdoor Adventure opened in 2010 with 120 campers entering grades 5-10.  In 2011, Ramah Outdoor Adventure will serve over 200 campers entering grades 3-10 and will also launch a leadership training experience, The Jewish Outdoor Leadership Institute (JOLI), for entering 11th graders.  JOLI will empower entering high school juniors and seniors to become competent outdoor adventure leaders.  To date, over 165 campers have registered for the summer, with waitlists running in some of the more popular age groups.

Ramah Outdoor Adventure seeks to link the programming found in three different types of camps and bring them together in one place.  The adventure programming encourages campers to move beyond their comfort zones and take on new challenges.  The environmental programming seeks to foster a deeper appreciation of the world around us as campers engage with nature throughout the time at the ranch.  And the Jewish programming seeks to foster an open environment for religious exploration and questioning.

The base camp, called Ramah in the Rockies is located 110 miles southwest of Boulder on a 360 acre alpine ranch located at 8200 feet.  At the base camp, campers have the opportunity to choose among mountain biking, horseback riding, wilderness survival, orienteering, arts and crafts, gardening, rock climbing, archery, service projects, back country cooking, mining, sports and duathelon training.  Younger campers have a chance to experience all of the programs available at the camp, while older campers choose two or three activities on which to focus each week.  Throughout the summer, campers leave base camp for one to five night excursion in the backcountry.  These excursions offer campers the opportunity to gain additional skills in a specific program area

Campers who participated in the inaugural summer of Ramah Outdoor Adventure were overwhelmingly excited about their experience.  According to a poll conducted by an outside research firm, 88% percent of campers said that they would recommend the Ramah Outdoor Adventure camp to a friend.  Campers spoke about learning to overcome obstacles in the woods, and how these lessons can be applied to their lives back at home.  While most campers in 2010 came for two weeks, 75% percent of returning campers are returning for the one month session.

For more information about Ramah Outdoor Adventure please visit our website or call 303 261 8214 to speak with a camp representative about camp.

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