Chabad of NW Metro Denver is organizing its first ever annual Sukkah Hop Bike Ride.

First Ever 35-Mile Sukkah Hop Bike Ride

Arnold Miller, Rabbi Benjy Brackman and Josh Cohen on a recent bike ride in Westminster

Chabad of NW Metro Denver is organizing its first ever annual Sukkah Hop Bike Ride.

The bike ride scheduled for this Sunday October 16th  will begin in Westminster at Chabad of NW Metro Denver and stop for refreshments at sukkot in Louisville, the CU campus and Superior before returning to Westminster.

Rabbi Benjy Brackman of Chabad of NW Metro Denver, who is organizing and leading the ride, is really excited about the upcoming event:

It’s really neat to be able to combine the holiday of Sukkot with an outdoor recreation activity like bike riding.  This is the first time an event like this has ever taken place and if successful we look forward to making it a yearly event.”

In all, the ride will cover approximately thirty five miles. The ride will begin at 12:30 pm at Chabad of NW Metro Denver at 4505 W 112th Ave. in Westminster and return to the starting point at approx 4:30 pm.

There is no charge to join the event.  For more information and reservations please visit our website or call 720-984-5805.

Please bear in mind with the Sukkot holiday approaching, Rabbi Brackman will not be available to answer phone calls or reply to emails from sundown on Wednesday evening till nightfall on Saturday (7:00 pm).

Sukkah hops are a popular Sukkot activity for friends and families to visit each other’s sukkot during the holiday. The sukkah is a three- or four-walled booth that is erected outdoors. Jews eat and even sometimes sleep in the Sukkah to remember G-d’s protection of the Jewish people during their forty-year sojourn in the wilderness before entering the land of Israel some 3,000 years ago.

About Rabbi Benjy Brackman

Benjy Brackman is the Rabbi/Executive Director of Chabad of NW Metro Denver in Westminster, Colorado.

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