Chidush Workshop Launches Service-Learning Approach

Nearly 90 Jewish educators and Boulder community members gathered at Sunday’s Chidush workshop, “A Service-Learning Toolbox” to learn about ways to incorporate Service Learning in their classrooms.

The workshop was facilitated by Rabbi Will Berkovitz from Repair the World. The program was designed with the assistance of Boulder’s Jewish Educational Directors from BET, the Boulder Educators Team, and was co-sponsored by 18 Pomegranates and Repair the World.

Repair the World is a national organization dedicated to making service a defining element of Jewish life, learning and leadership, and aims to assist communities in embedding the values of service and social justice into the DNA of their operations.

The workshop was aimed at exploring the historical, theological and philosophical framework behind service learning, discussing how to incorporate such values into the fabric of Jewish supplemental education, and beginning a larger conversation about scaling-up such efforts. 18 Pomegranates and BET see this workshop as a step toward creating a larger “city of service” strategy in which institutions begin working together, across denominational and organizational lines, toward a common educational vision of service and social justice.

Charna Rosenholtz

Also as part of today’s workshop, Charna Rosenholtz was honored as the 2011 Grinspoon-Steinhardt winner from Boulder. She utilized her stipend to participate in the Aleph Ordination Program Intensive Study week.

The Boulder Educator’s Council (BET) includes Congregations Har HaShem, Bonai Shalom, Nevei Kodesh, Aish Kodesh and Beth Ami; Longmont Hebrew School; Boulder JCC, Boulder Hebrew High; and Boulder Stepping Stones.

For those who may have missed the tweets this morning, we’ve assembled a few of them (these read top down). These include quotes from Rabbi Berkovitz’s opening talk as well as some of the report-out comments from breakout sessions (grouped by age of students). Thanks to Jonathan Lev of the Boulder JCC for livetweeting the event!

@CitizenRabbi (Will Berkovitz) and @JonathanLev


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  1. Thank you to Boulder's Jewish educators for participating in this workshop.

  2. What a great workshop! World Jewry has defined Chesvon as Social Action month. Here in Boulder this workshop is a great beginning for service and social justice projects. Beth Ami is excited to join in Boulder community wide Tikkun Olam.
    Lenore Kingston
    Beth Ami Jewish Cultural School Director