4 Questions for Boulder’s Own Mark Megibow

Mark Megibow, the “beat boxer” for the Boulder-based a capella group “Face”, will be performing on Sunday at Chabad Lubavitch of Boulder’s Lag Ba’omer celebration. Here’s Mark’s BJN “4 Questions” interview:

What got you interested in beat boxing?
Well, I’ve always been a drummer, and for most of my life I had to buy large gas-guzzling vehicles in order to get my equipment from place to place. Obviously we have different sensibilities here in Boulder, so when I moved into town it compelled me to “green up” my art form. Also drummers are always banging on things (if you’ve ever had a drummer friend, you’ll know this habit is both endearing and annoying at the same time). In the absence of something to bang, drummers will frequently “sing” their beats (although, embarrassingly, it’s really more akin to spitting than singing), so it’s safe to say most drummers already have a working knowledge of beat boxing. It’s because I found such a talented group of guys with Face that I’ve been able to do this for nearly ten years and learn as much as I have.

What is the most exciting show that you ever performed?
People who know me will confirm that I get extremely excited about every show! I’ve known since I was six years old that I wanted to be on stage, and calling myself a professional performer today is truly living out that dream. Shows can stand out for different reasons, though. Playing for a huge audience is always a rush, the largest being when Face sang the National Anthem before a Broncos game. Getting to travel and play for a brand-new audience, or playing at a famous venue like Detroit’s classic Fox Theater also gets stored in the permanent memory files. The audience that moved me the most however, was when we played at Boulder Theater just a few days after returning from NBC’s “The Sing Off.” It was a homecoming that most performers dream of: It was a sell-out packing in over 850 people, and when we were introduced and took the stage everyone just went wild – there was a huge “We Love You” banner hanging from the balcony, and for a long time they wouldn’t even let us start our first song. We have a total love affair with our Boulder County audience!!!

What are the different types of music that you perform?
Over the years as a percussionist I’ve been able to play many different genres, and I’ve enjoyed them all. I’m a very loud passionate guy to begin with, so playing loud passionate music fits me the best – I really am a rocker at my core. I’m also a proud marching band and drum line geek for a similar reason. Percussionists almost exclusively play in ensembles and groups, which also fits me because I love people! I try to take advantage of any musical opportunity regardless of genre simply because I love the creative and artistic process. Music is always better when shared – I’d rather be performing with others, and for others!

What brought you to Boulder?
My story is like many. I came to visit friends one year, and moved here the next. I always knew I loved Colorado because my family came out on skiing trips many times. But it was coming to see my friends that it hit me like a lightning bolt: “Wait a sec! You mean you can LIVE HERE???” I had just graduated from college with an education degree, so when I confirmed that Boulder did indeed have schools, it was pretty much a done deal. 15 years later having a family of my own, including having my parents and grandfather move here when our son was born, it is very much home to me. I’ve now lived in Boulder as long as I did in my childhood home.

Join me for a great Lag Baomer gig this Sunday at Boulder Reservoir at Concession Hill.  Please Enjoy also hotdogs, hamburgers and all the fixins. (Vegetarian options available with pre-reservation.)

Pricing is only$12 adults and $6 children-price includes my show and lunch- What a deal!!

Reserve online , please click here or email: lbkosher@gmail.com

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