4 Questions for @BottleHood’s Rachel Cohen

4 Questions for @BottleHood’s Rachel Cohen

This week, Boulder Jewish News asks 4 Questions of Rachel Cohen and her business, BottleHood.

What’s BottleHood all about?

BottleHood is all about keeping glass out of local landfills, creating jobs & stimulating the Colorado retail environment with locally-made, environmentally-sound products. We collect glass — beer, wine, soda and liquor bottles from bars, restaurants, breweries and homes and repurpose it into useful, fun household items. We turn your favorite beverage bottle into a glass, vase, light fixture, candle or even jewelry.  BottleHood was started in San Diego by Steve Cherry & Leslie Tiano, family friends, and now there are three BottleHoods, soon to be many more. We hope to expand to New York and Chicago by the end of the summer. There are so many ideas and amazing things that you can do with glass, our product line is always growing and expanding to all different areas. We have something for everyone.

Is there a Jewish connection to BottleHood?

While growing up in a Jewish entrepreneurial household, I knew that after college I wasn’t going to what most people do and get a job at the bottom of the totempole at a big corporation. I knew that I wanted to do something more meaningful to me, the community and the world. Being Jewish every year growing up we did big mitzvah projects helping out the less fortunate & I never wanted to go initially, but in the end I always felt more fulfilled. BottleHood is similar in the sense it is very fulfilling in all aspects of my life and I truly believe that together we can make a difference. My Jewish values help me in repairing the world through upcycling!

Can the community get involved?

Yes! BottleHood is good for your neighborhood. You can find all of our upcoming events on our blog www.bottlehoodcolorado.com. Start saving your bottles (full list wanted is on the blog) and get paid.  Be Green, Earn Green. We will be collecting bottles at all of our local events.

How did participating in birthrightisrael impact you?


Birthright Israel was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I met the most amazing people, friends I will have for a lifetime, got to experience Israel in a unique way that gave me a bond with Israel that I didn’t know existed. It is a remarkable, enriching homeland and I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it for all that it is worth if I didn’t get to experience it on Birthright. I loved it so much, I led a trip a couple of summers later. I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of going.

For Boulder Jewish News readers! Use promo code: Earth Day & receive 5% off orders on the BottleHood website.  Check out the blog: www.bottlehoodcolorado.com. Find BottleHood here: 4949 N. Broadway #124, Boulder, CO 80304. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter @BottleHood, and watch for local events!

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