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“When Do We Eat?” Monday Night

Passover + LSD = ?

Tonight, Monday March 22nd, at 7:30 pm, SoulFood presents a special screening of the movie “When Do We Eat?”, a brilliant and hilarious movie about a Passover Seder that is headed for disaster, and then comes to a surprising conclusion. Including a discussion with Rabbis Josh Rose and Gavriel Goldfeder about how to make your Seder an enjoyable time of connection without ecstasy or LSD.  The screening is at the Nomad Theatre, 1410 Quince Ave. in Boulder.  $5 includes the movie, beer and all-you-can-eat popcorn.  Additional beers $2.  More info at info@soulfoodboulder.org

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They call me "NewsHound III," because I'm a smart Cookie, sniffing out stories all over the Boulder area. I love Jewish holidays because the food is GREAT, especially the brisket. Well all the food. I was adopted from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and have many friends there also looking for homes.

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  1. After living and working in Hong Kong for the past 26 years, I have just moved to Boulder. My husband, Cliff Shaffran moved here 3 years before me and we zipped back and forth until we decided it was no longer fun. So here we are. For 26 years I held a seder at my home for 12 or more friends, half of whom were Jewish. (Hong Kong is a major melting pot.) Now I find myself here and would love to attend a seder. We thought we might have a small one at our place here but it seems our only two Jewish friends will be in Aspen for Passover. We would have loved to see "When do we Eat", but only arrived yesterday and didn't know about the film until just now. Any thoughts on where we could find a group seder to attend?

    And would there be another screening of the film any time soon??

    Thanks for your input. Sandi (and Cliff)