Week in Review: June 18th, 2010

Shabbat Shalom!  Now that it’s  post-Festival, school’s out, summer camp is in and people are starting to go on vacation, there is a definite sense that things are slowing down for the summer.  Slow is good, though… even sports fans transition about now from the hectic basketball and hockey to the much slower baseball.  Time for reflection, recharging and enjoying Boulder at its best.  Don’t be surprised though if the pace here at the BJN slows down as well… there may be days (like Thursday this week) when we don’t publish and thereby don’t generate our daily headline email.  Don’t worry — it just means a bigger email the next day…

Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the Abba’s out there!

Arts and Culture

IST Photo of the Day

Israel Breast Cancer Initiative

Summer Classes at Bonai Shalom

Ras Abu Galum – Sinai’s Secret

Guests and Blogs

A Case of Inflammation: Chronic Pain

Jewish Life

Two Rabbis Walked Into a Bar…


Eli Walters Mincha Bar Mitzvah

Rebecca Schwartz and Isaac Zolot B’nai Mitzvah


Howard Steinmetz Honored by Jewish Genealogy Society

DeBoskey Resigns as ADL Director

BJCF Announces Grassroots Initiative

Israeli Product Could Help in Gulf

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