FBI press release about the recent hacking of local Jewish websites.

FBI Press Release re: Website Hackings

FBI PRESS RELEASE -FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, 1961 Stout Street Suite 1823, Denver, Colorado 80294 Main phone: (303)629-7171, Fax: (303)575-7132


During the first week of January 2010, several websites were hacked in the Boulder area including two Jewish synagogue websites.  The other sites primarily involved commercial sites and were hacked without any derogatory statements or words being posted.  The victims of these website intrusions have reported no losses nor any additional intrusion or compromise.

The FBI and Boulder Police Department have worked together and stayed in communication with the synagogue leaders and the Anti-Defamation League regarding the defacement of the synagogue websites.  The investigation revealed that while the synagogue sites were defaced with anti-Semitic language, there were no threats to life or property.  Investigators found the origin of these attacks originated abroad.  While the comments and actions were disturbing and unacceptable, there is no reason to believe that person poses a physical threat to the Boulder community. At this time and based on the information gathered to date in the investigation, federal charges are not expected to be pursued.

Amy M. Stein, Community Director of the Boulder Office of the Anti-Defamation League, stated, “The Anti-Defamation League applauds the work of the FBI and the Boulder Police Department in the successful investigation of these crimes. ADL is committed to the safety and security of Boulder’s Jewish community and will continue to speak out against all acts of bigotry targeting anyone.”  Amy Stein can be contacted at (303) 449.2607.

To learn more about the FBI and Civil Rights investigations, visit our website at: http://www.fbi.gov/hq/cid/civilrights/civilrts.htm

The FBI and Boulder Police Department encourage anyone who believes they have been a victim of an Internet crime to make a report to:  www.ic3.gov You can find Internet safety tips and learn about various Internet scams on the www.fbi.gov website.  Below are some key steps to protecting your computer from intrusion:

  • Keep Your Firewall Turned On
  • Install or Update Your Antivirus Software
  • Install or Update Your Antispyware Technology
  • Keep Your Operating System Up to Date
  • Be Careful What You Download
  • Turn Off Your Computer


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