Tee and Cake

Keeping Love Alive®

Tee and Cake

What if …

you could get your spouse to be more responsive and less resistant?

What if …
you could have better, more meaningful communication with your partner?

What if …
you could stop having that same old argument?

What if …
you could fall in love with each other again?

What if …
all this (and more) could happen in just a few short weeks?
It can.

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is another matter. Michele Weiner-Davis, relationship expert and best-selling author of Divorce Busting, has designed the Keeping Love Alive® program, a proven program that teaches you how to make your marriage great and keep it that way!

Sharon Kocina, MA, LPC has been a Marriage and Family Therapist in Boulder for over 14 years.  After having trained with Michele Weiner-Davis, Sharon will be teaching this 6 week class.

Some questions you might have:

  • Is this a therapy group? This is a class where we will be discussing helpful ways of keeping love alive; not a therapy group.  You will be invited to discuss with others things that have worked well for you.
  • Does my partner need to attend in order for me to participate? You are welcome to come with or without your partner.  This approach espouses that one person doing something different can affect the relationship.  Of course, it would be even more helpful if you both can participate.
  • How is this class different from other classes on relationships? Unlike other relationship programs that spend too much time delving into the past to explain why you and your spouse are stuck, Keeping Love Alive® focuses on solutions. You won’t have to analyze the past or dissect your problems to death. Instead, you’ll learn down-to-earth, practical skills that will allow you and your spouse to communicate better and feel closer and more connected – immediately!

Sign up today for Keeping Love Alive®
Dates:  Mondays, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17 & 5/31.
Location: Congregation Bonai Shalom

Fee: $125.  For more information, contact:  Ann Korda, mesnorim@gmail.com to reserve your place(s).

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