Jewish Grantmakers Seek Proposals For ,000 Pool

Jewish Grantmakers Seek Proposals For $87,000 Pool

Roots & Branches FoundationThe 18-member Roots & Branches Foundation, an initiative of Rose Community Foundation, is seeking grant proposals. Roots & Branches Foundation will grant $87,138 to organizations addressing either of their two grant priorities:

  1. Providing need-based scholarships to Jewish youth from Greater Denver and Boulder to attend Colorado’s Jewish residential summer camps
  2. Supporting services for victims of human trafficking in Greater Denver and Boulder

To address their first priority, the members of Roots & Branches Foundation have identified local Jewish residential camps and will be working directly with them to provide needs-based scholarships totaling at least $30,000. They will not be accepting proposals for this priority.

Roots & Branches Foundation invites nonprofit organizations – Jewish or non-Jewish – to submit grant proposals for programs that provide support and services to human trafficking victims in Greater Denver and Boulder including:

  • Identifying victims through outreach
  • Basic emergency needs, including shelter, food, transportation, clothing, security and trauma care
  • Legal services
  • Case management and counseling
  • Life skills, vocational training and employment opportunities

As we explored Jewish teachings about tzedakah (the pursuit of justice) to inform our grantmaking, we learned from Maimonides, a 12th century scholar, that there are priorities for the charitable use of funds. The first priority is pidyon sh’vuyim (the redemption of captives),” Roots & Branches Foundation states in its Request for Proposals. “We believe that serving the needs of human trafficking victims is the most pressing contemporary manifestation of the redemption of captives among us.”

Interested organizations should review the complete Request for Proposals for a full description of these grant priorities and an explanation of how to apply. The Request for Proposals is available online at or by calling Sarah Indyk at 303.398.7416. The deadline to submit a grant proposal is Friday, December 10, 2010 at noon.

Roots & Branches Foundation’s members are a diverse group of Jewish people, age 25 to 40, from throughout Greater Denver and Boulder. They represent a broad spectrum of Jewish practice. The group has been meeting every three weeks since July to learn about Jewish philanthropic traditions, work together to identify needs in the community, and learn about grantmaking approaches and strategies.

Roots & Branches Foundation 2010-2011 Members

Sharon Pincus Abrams

Joel Aronoff

Alyce Blum

Yosh Eisbart

Daniel Feiner

Bernard Friedman

Sarah Gibson

Alison Greenberg

Zach Hochstadt

Matthew LeBauer

Jordan Linkow

Alison Mikula

Michael Moses

Alan Reifler

Rachel Shields

Ilana Simon

Mara Trager

Stefanie Slade Winfield

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