Diamond to Headline Festival*

Diamond to Headline Festival*

The search for great headline acts for the Boulder Jewish Festival gets more challenging every year. This year, after much behind-the-scenes negotiating, organizers are thrilled to announce that Neil Diamond will appear at the event, to be held on Sunday, June 6, 2010.

Our people have been talking with his people for a while. We think he’ll bring an extra spark to the event and is sure to thrill the audience. Negotiations were so hush-hush, even the members of the all-volunteer Festival committee were kept in the dark.”

Neil Diamond is best known for 70s hits such as Sweet Caroline, Song Sung Blue and Play Me, He’s also appeared in Jewish-themed films, most notably his performance in the 1980 remake of The Jazz Singer and a cameo in Keeping up with the Steins (2006). His most recent performance in the Denver area was in late 2008 and some fans may recall that he sang at the CU graduation ceremonies in 2001. These days he’s also performing on Twitter, with over 72,000 followers, where he’s known for his fun jokes.

If Super Diamond [the tribute band] can play the Boulder Theater, then the real thing should be a big draw on the Pearl Street Mall,” said Diamond’s manager.

Diamond joins Sheldon Sands, Dan Nichols and Or Zimrah for the Festival’s main stage entertainment. For updated information about the event, visit boulderjewishfestival.org. For all the fans – here’s a taste:

*April 1. Need we say more?

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  1. Howard Leibowitz

    They passed on Neil Sedaka for this yutz?!? A shonda.

  2. I remember in the early 1980s I was astounded by an ad in the Kansas City Star that The Band would play a small rock and blues venue I frequented. In fact I went there very early to head off what I anticipated to be a huge crowd, but only packed the small place. It was one of the best rock concerts to which I have attended, and I was only a mere 15 to 20 feet from these extraordinary musicians and composers.

    That Neil Diamond would play the Boulder Jewish Festival, and not a huge auditorium, is likewise an amazing feat for the Festival. This is huge, and we are very lucky to score him. I love the up close and personal side of this story.

    Neil Diamond, who both writes and sings, is magnificent at capturing emotions in melodic and somewhat complex musical arrangements. If we are lucky, we will get him to sing us some Jewishly inspired songs (hopefully, that he has himself composed).

    • And by the way Stan, the Boulder JCC did NOT break ground today. You may have been fooled but you are my fool! Love, your wife Kathryn

  3. Molly Goldsmith

    Uhhh… Stan… you know this is a joke right? It's April Fools!

  4. OMG–this is so exciting!! Neil can stay at my house…Do Festival volunteers get front row seats for the concert?

  5. Gotcha Molly!!!