8 Gifts for 8 Nites: Knit Style

For knitters and crocheters, believe it or not, it’s not too late to whip up some speedy and useful items for gift giving.  Whichever craft you prefer can be used to create fun gifts that are small projects (which also help you use up some of the leftovers we all have). Here are 4 easy and quick projects to make for gifts.

1.     Carrying Case Necklace – works great for a cell phone. I received one of these handmade by one of my students and it has become indispensable to me (for that phone I can never locate until the caller has given up). Simply knit or crochet 2 rectangles large enough to to fit a cell phone. Sew three sides of the 2 pieces together.  Attach an I-cord or crocheted chain at each side of the top opening, long enough to be a necklace or shorter to attach to a belt or purse handle.  What a blessing.

2.     Pocketbook slippers – these are a wonderful gift for air travelers as they are comfy and warm in the air, but small enough to fit in a pocketbook.

3.     Headband – great for people who like to keep their ears kept warm but don’t enjoy hats. This is a link to a very popular pattern from Knitty.com.

4.     Handmade washcloths – Patterns abound for these (click here for a cute one but there are thousands on the internet). Find an organic cotton yarn and wrap the cloth around a bar of locally-made, organic soap for a gift that will delight. Remember, dishcloth patterns work fine for washcloths too, just scale it down in size.

Get busy and I promise, everyone you gift like this will love you for it. Speaking of loving you for it, have you thought about a gift for the crafters on your list?  Here are some ideas:

5.      Knitting Books –  How about one of the brand new knitting books? Cowl Girls by Cathy Carron, Vogue Knitting Mittens & Gloves or Knitting at Home: 60 Classics from Ella Rae Designs all have terrific patterns in them.

The Knit Kit
The Knit Kit

6.      For the Traveling Knitter – the Knit Kit Essential Knitting Tools – Travel Set.  It is a fabulously small collection of handwork necessaries.

7.      For Lace Knitters – blocking mats with a set of Lace Blocking Wires is a great gift.

8.      When all else fails – every knitter enjoys a gift certificate to the LYS – Local Yarn Store.  Boulder, Lafayette, Arvada and Denver all have terrific stores with fabulous yarns, books, bags, patterns and needles galore. Really, knitters are like kids in candy stores when they visit yarn shops!

9.      The Shamash (helper) Candle – There are so many ways to get involved, and most are simple and take just a few hours or less. If you like to knit/crochet squares, check out Warm Up America! If you enjoy making hats, chemo caps and also helmet liners are much needed and appreciated. There are dozens of organizations that collect and distribute the items – search for one in your area.

Enjoy the making and giving. Happy Chanukah!

About Jani Fellows

Jani Fellows is a master knitter and knit designer. Her work has appeared in Sunset Magazine and in "Knit a Day" Calendar. She teaches and leads knit workshops at several knit shops in the greater Denver area, and is available for finishing and expert repair to knitted garments. From 1965 to 1979, Jani ran a very successful knit shop in San Francisco called "The Knit Wit", published her own fashion patterns and manufactured a line of "Texas Coin Purse"-style knitting bags.

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