8 Gifts for 8 Nites: College Style

You’re in college. Chances are that you are making little to no money, and Chanukah is quickly creeping up on you. You want to buy your friends and family tokens of love and appreciation, but have little time and resources. Here are 8 cheap and easy gift ideas.

1.     Gloves- Take a trip to Target or another nearby department store and pick out a nice pair of gloves for the men and women in your life. Not only will these keep your loved ones warm, choose their favorite colors or designs to personalize the gift. This gift is thoughtful and will not burn a major hole in your bank account.

2.     CD- With the Internet, music is becoming easier and easier to acquire. However, nothing beats actually having the CD of your favorite artist. This year, buy your loved one a CD. Again, it will not bankrupt you. Make sure to get a gift receipt, just in case your loved one already has it.

3.     Ugly sweater– Take a trip to a local thrift shop and buy your friend an “ugly sweater” this Chanukah. Not only will your friend laugh, he or she will be all set for the ugly sweater party.

4.      Photographs- Make an effort to actually print out your photos this Chanukah season. Nothing says thoughtful like a photo collage. This will work for anyone in your life.

5.     Starbucks Gift Cardor a gift card to his or her favorite coffee shop, will do. Don’t forget, finals are coming up right after Chanukah this year. This gift is not only practical, your friend will thank you after he or she receives passing final grades.

6.     iTunes Gift Card- It doesn’t have to be for much money, but this gift will give your friend a chance to finally buy the app he or she is too cheap to buy.

7.     Hand-Made Coupon Books– Making coupon books for your friends is the ideal, creative way to show them how much you care. For example, a “free ride to the mountains” coupon or a free coffee coupon will make a friend’s day. Be creative.

8.     Mix tapes- Don’t hesitate by going old school by making homemade mix tapes. Include tracks that are sentimental to you and your friend or family member. This gift never gets old.

About Sara Fruman

Sara Juliet Fruman is the first Boulder Jewish News intern and is also social media outreach editor for CUIndependent.com. She's originally from the suburbs of New York City, and she's a Yankee fan. She's a social media and new media enthusiast. Sara is a proud Zionist and Jew. She's obsessed with music, especially the Beatles. She's also interested in pop culture and comedy. In her free time, she likes to ski, read, write and relax with friends. Follow her on Twitter: @CUJewishBuffs, @cuindependent and @sarajuliet.

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