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Tell us about Your Favorite Deli – a Contest!

In the spirit of Save the Deli, the Boulder Jewish News wants to know: what’s your favorite deli? Use the “Post a Comment” box below to share your story. Be descriptive, have fun – tell us why it’s your favorite! Leave your comment by 11:59 pm next Tuesday (11/10) to be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Jimmy & Drew’s (winner will be selected at random from entries received by the deadline). No purchase necessary to win, just tell us about your favorite deli. BONUS! Another $25 gift certificate will go to a lucky subscriber to the Boulder Jewish News daily email (still no purchase necessary, click here to subscribe).

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  1. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor is the best. Best deli memory is walking there after football games and ordering a #27, Pat & Dick's Honeymooner – smoked turkey, muenster cheese, honey mustard on grilled challah. I can still taste it. If anyone is going there, please bring one back for me!

  2. My husband and I found a hole in the wall Deli in Studio City, named Marv's. Marv had the very best corned beef and made huge sandwiches. One day, we took our son Doug with us to share a corned beef sandwich, because we're not such big eaters. Marv thought it was so funny that he took a picture of us sharing the sandwich and he hung the picture on his wall. If Marv's is still there, I imagine that our picture is still there, too! Nancie and Leonard

  3. The Stage Deli in Las Vegas. I have never been to the Stage in NY; however, this was the cat's skivvies. I had the hot pastrami sandwich with swiss on rye. Very simple, but delectable to say the least. It was stacked a good 6-8 inches high requiring the use of a knife and fork. I must admit, to start, I enjoyed the matzah ball soup. It was a pity; as the matzah balls were only the size of softballs. The dessert carousel had the black and white cookie amongst many other mouth-watering treats. However, I was a bit full after my deli indulgence. Will be revisiting this December when I return to Vegas.

  4. Hands down – 2nd Avenue Deli ((no longer on 2nd avenue) with Lenny as the waiter (now retired) and the Yiddish Theater walk of fame. Besides the unbelievably delicious matzoh ball soup, tcholent, pastrami, eggs and onions…endless cups of coffee, mushroom barley soup to DIE for, Dr. Brown's Cream soda, all being served by Lenny was a rite of passage. First he ignored you, then saw what you were made of, how much you tipped and then was a friend for life. To be young(er) and living in NYC with very little money and missing home/family, mama's cooking, 2nd Avenue Deli was our home away from home.

  5. Love the Carnegie Delicatessen in New York City. The best corned beef sandwich and kreplach soup!

  6. Nancy V, I worked 3 years at Marv's, an old fashioned delicatessen, 30+ years ago and to this day only Langer's in downtown Los Angeles is the only one that comes close. All the food was prepared on site, from the hand sliced Nova lox to the 50lb batch of potato salad made twice on weekends. The corned beef and pastrami was only the best Vienna brand available. The corned beef was steamed to perfection and trimmed so that there was just enough fat to bring your taste buds to attention. I can feel my arteries clogging now but it was well worth it!!

  7. The best that I have had is still back in the old hood at Star Deli.  Corned beef, chopped liver and russian on real twice baked jewish rye.  Think i'll pick one up on the way home tonight.  That's right, you might have mountains but we have delis.

  8. Rascal House on Miami Beach. You had to wait in line every time you went. They would corral you into these long lines based on how many were in your party. They would serve baskets of little rolls and danish at every table. You would watch the little old ladies dump the basket's into their purses and ask for a refill and then do the same with that one. Turkey sandwiches piled so high, you didn't need to eat for two days after one. And who doesn't love a restaurant that serves a bowl of pickles on the table.

  9. The Bagel Deli in Denver is good and authentic, pickles and all. I grew up there, so to speak. I just discovered the Matzo Ball Soup at Two Spoons in Boulder. It's the BEST that I've ever had–even better than my grandma's!

  10. Zabar's on the West side is excellent. It is truly a gourmet deli where you can get five different types of lox, nova and smoked salmon. They also have excellent smoked whitefish. My Mom used to shop there all the time.

  11. The Stage Deli in West Bloomfield,MI is the perfect deli. We went there this summer twice in one weekend. Everything from the salami's hanging, the seven layer cake and the alter-cockers with their friends eating 1/2 of a pastrami. The smell of kosher pickles hits you in the face when you enter. Wish we had one here in Boulder.

  12. My favorite deli is at 6th and Vine, Cincinnati