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Hebrew Schmooze-A-Palooza

CU Students of Hebrew rapping on stage

On Wednesday, March 20, join us for an evening featuring Hebrew songs of peace and hope, performed by the CU Hebrew students, faculty, and larger community.

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‘A Vanished World’: Yom HaShoah Lecture 2023/5783 at Boulder JCC

CU Program in Jewish Studies Logo

The Nazi campaign of annihilation during WW II targeted not only Jewish lives but also Jewish cultural heritage and traditions. In her presentation, Prof. Dorota Glowacka will focus on Hitler’s deliberate destruction of Eastern European Jewish cultural and religious institutions, literature, and language.

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Hope and Grief in the Age of Climate Change: Queer Disability Politics and Ancient Jewish Story

Can Jewish text and tradition offer resources for navigating the emotional terrain of climate change? In her presentation, Prof. Watts Belser will examine ancient and contemporary stories about Jonah, the biblical prophet who famously turned away from God’s call.  

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9th Annual Hebrew Schmooze-A-Palooza Concert

CU Boulder Hebrew students rapping on stage.

Each year, the Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder presents a music festival featuring Hebrew-language students, alumni, faculty, and members of the broader public. At this year's in-person concert, the most iconic collection of songs in the Hebrew/Israeli repertoire will be performed.

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The German Resistance to Hitler and the Holocaust

This year's International Holocaust Remembrance Day speaker is Alan E. Steinweis. Professor Steinweis will examine whether moral outrage over the Holocaust was a motive behind two assassination attempts against Hitler.

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