About the Calendar

The Community Calendar on Boulder Jewish News displays the public calendars of local Jewish organizations. On the calendar page, a reader can search or filter by date or organization, as well as by keyword. The calendar can be displayed on your screen in different formats (daily, monthly, etc). You can also subscribe to the calendar (receive a weekly email with the calendar of upcoming events), add events to your own calendar, receive text or email reminders for events, and share events with friends by sending them a link.

Here’s how it works:  local Jewish organizations have their own public calendar (many have one on their own website), and BJN uses a tool that integrates those. That way, organizations control their own calendar info (good for when there are updates/changes – they don’t have to remember to contact BJN again, they just update their own calendar).  We believe this is a time-saver for the community and the hardworking staff/leaders who work on events. In return, we have asked the organizations to follow a standardized format for their calendar entries, in order to help the search tool work better. The Community Calendar is sponsored by a grant from the Boulder Jewish Community Foundation.

If your organization is a Jewish 501c based (or with a branch/chapter) in the Boulder area, your calendar may qualify to be included. To discuss further, please contact busmgr@boulderjewishnews.org.

If you would like to have community calendar information on your website, we can make that magic happen! Please contact busmgr@boulderjewishnews.org (click here to visit the BJCF home page to see a sample).

If your organization’s calendar does not qualify for continuous inclusion on the calendar but there is a specific event you believe should be included for the Boulder-area Jewish community’s awareness (including to avoid date conflicts with major events), there are two paths to getting on the calendar:

The Collaborative Path

We encourage and strongly support partnerships and collaborations among organizations. If you collaborate with a local organization whose calendar is already included on BJN, the co-sponsoring organization can put the event on its public calendar which will then be included on the BJN Community Calendar.  Note that only one co-sponsor needs to put the event on its calendar (to minimize duplicate listings).

The Independent Path

You may submit a manual addition to the calendar by clicking the button below and filling out our event submission form.  Our team will review your event to make sure that it is appropriate for inclusion on the Jewish Community Calendar, and if it is, we will post it within 24-48 hours.  If you would like to promote your event through the BJN, here is a link to our advertising information.

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