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Guests and Blogs

July Diary of an Israeli – Part 2

"I am proud to be an Israeli these days more then ever. Perhaps others can take some morality lessons from us, including the Russians, Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Serbs, and even some western democracies."

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July Diary of an Israeli

"Pretty crazy here. No body knows where it is going and for how long. What you will see on TV at your end will be biased in favor of the Palestinians."

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Reb Zalman z”l and Reb Shlomo z”l Remembered Together

Reb Shlomo and Reb Zalman have touched us all in ways that are so personal and inspiring. Each of us reading this has thought ourselves to be a better person in their reflection.

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Hunger Where We Live — the Philanthropic Response

Nearly one in six Coloradans experienced hunger at some point in 2012 - more than 840,000 people. What can you do? Read this and find out.

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In Search of Jewishness

After my husband "became a man" he threw off his tallis and yarmulke and returned to his real interests; football and surfing. And he never looked back.

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