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The Last Stop – Parshat Matot-Masei

“The Forest of Sadness.” That’s the last stop recorded in the Sinai travel itinerary. What is this strange place? And what pain does it hold, there in the shadows of its trees?

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The Gatherer – Parshat Shelach

It only took one week. From the day the Children of Israel were first given the Sabbath, they managed to observe just one day of rest together as a whole community.

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The Longing – Parshat Beha’alotcha

For the next five weeks, we will be touring through some of the darkest chapters in the Israelites’ long desert journey. And one theme will dominate these parshot above all: dissatisfaction.

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Devil Inside – Parshat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim

Parshat Kedoshim - which begins with the famous injunction, “you shall be holy” - includes a series of warnings against all kinds of horrifying idolatrous practices, replete with gory description: eating blood; gashing the flesh of dead bodies; passing children into fire.

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The Finger – Parshat Va’eira

Behold - the plagues! Rivers of blood! Swarms of locusts! Darkness upon the land! Terrifying devastation, of supernatural proportions, all wrought by God’s mighty… finger.

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