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Rabbi Pesach Scheiner

Rabbi Pesach Scheiner is the Rabbi of Boulder County Center for Judaism. In addition, he teaches extensively throughout Boulder County and is the author of "Finding the Joy in Everyday Living," a book of short chapters explaining the ways to access happiness through appreciation, gratitude, and a sense of purpose.

Avoiding Strife

In this week's Torah portion we read about the Temple being erected in the desert. To celebrate this great occasion, the leaders of each tribe bought special gifts and sacrifices to the Temple.

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Speaking and Radiating

This week's Torah portion begins with the verse; "G-d said to Moses, say to the Kohanim, the sons of Aharon and say to them..". Why does it say "say to.." the same people twice?

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Purim – An Ongoing Phenomenon

It is well known that when Purim comes along, it's time to put on a Purim costume. What, however, is the reason for this tradition?

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The Temple’s Dress Code

In this week's Torah portion we learn about the special clothing the Cohens (Priests) and High Priest had to wear when serving in the Temple.

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Building a Home for G-d

In this week's Torah portion, we learn about the commandment to build a sanctuary in which G-d's presence will rest and be felt.

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Jail vs Fines?

This week's Torah portion discusses many civil wars such as the punishment for stealing, kidnapping, physical assault etc.

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Learning How to Sing

In this week's Torah portion, we learn about G-d splitting the sea for the Jews to walk on dry land and then reverting the water back to its original state to drown the Egyptians.

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The Quintessential Speaker

In this week's Torah Portion, we learn about Moses being given the mission to warn Pharaoh of the punishments he would receive if he did not free the Jewish people.

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River Borne

In this week's Torah Portion, we begin to learn the story of the of the Jewish Slavery in Egypt.

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