The Void in its Essence In its Beauty

The Void in its Essence
In its Beauty
Draws us closer to being –
To becoming more vulnerable –
To our becoming of self

The vulnerability –
Asked for
To be worked with,
To be accepted by the self,
Is part of its work,
Is part of its reason for being –
For becoming

There is an innate openness (understanding)
Within the self, where there is acceptance
Of the Essence ,
Of Creation itself –
That came before the self
Before becoming

The humbleness that lies
That is part of our quest for
Vulnerability –
Connects us to the  Essence-
To the reason for being –
To come into the humanness – of our creation

It is the innate knowing that comes
From accessing the void, that comes
From the willingness to be vulnerable,
From the willingness to accept the humbleness,
From the willingness to be open to the
Deepest parts of the self

A vessel to receive, to just being – to becoming
A vessel to know the inherent nature
Of the Cosmos, of the Universe,
Of Love, of Adam Kadmon,
Of Pure Potential

This is the I Am
TG 040124

About Todd Greenberg

A Jew by birth, a seeker for 60 years. Having realized that all my previous studies and searching brought me back to Judaism as the foundation for my Spiritual practice and my connection to Hashem. Life's love and all that has been challenged in me has been inspirational over the last year to write poetry. Thank you for the opportunity to share what is in my heart and mind.

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