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Teen D’Var Torah – Parashat Behar

We are pleased to share Elky Scheiner’s Dvar Torah on Parashat Behar from her recent bat mitzvah at Boulder County Center for Judaism.

by Elky Scheiner

Elky Scheiner

A Bat Mitzvah is like spiritual mountain climbing.

This week’s parsha isבהר  “on the mountain,” and King David says in Tehillim: “Who may ascend the mountain of Hashem?”

Bat Mitzvah is not about parties or get-togethers – it is about Mitzvahs!  Last Friday when I turned twelve I began my ascent, until then it was warm up.

But how does one climb the mountain of Hashem?

By counting! The greatest ascent in Jewish History took place when the Jews left Egypt and 49 days later arrived at Mt. Sinai. They went from slavery to the highest spiritual level, כאיש אחד ובלב אחד “As one man and as with one heart,” and they counted each day in anticipation for the great event מתן תורה and the revelation of G-d. we replicate this by counting the omer which we are presently in the midst of.

How does counting elevate?

It doesn’t, but counting each day inspires us to make each day count.

But how do we make each day count?

There was once a fellow carrying a heavy load up a big mountain on a very hot day, midway someone asked him “What are you carrying?” And he replied, “Rocks!”  And the fellow asks would you like to have a few more rocks? You can imagine where he told him to go! The next day same two fellows same hot day same heavy load, what are you carrying today? Diamonds! Would you like a few more? “Of course,” he replied.

To some people Shabbat is one rock, kashrut is another rock, and tefillin is another rock.

Chassidus shows that Shabbos and all other Mitzvos are diamonds. We make each day count by filling them up with diamonds.

For over thirty years my parents as emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe inspired hundreds to see mitzvot as diamonds.

I am very grateful to my parents for all they have done and are doing for me materialistically and spiritually, and I hope to live up to their expectations of me and grant them much nachas.

I am grateful to Hashem for the life and good health he is granting me!

Love is a lot like backache;
It doesn’t show up on x-rays
But you feel it when it’s there.

I feel the love of everyone here and of those that were unable to be here today, and I hope that you feel my love for you.

May we all very soon get together in Israel with Moshiach!

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