Letter: The Suicidal Myopia of Antisemitic Jews

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Today it is common to see Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), IfNotNow and other Jews embracing Hamas and Hamas supporters on college campuses and elsewhere.. They ignore the documented reality that Article 7 of the Hamas Charter which has never been revoked requires every member of Hamas to murder every Jew on earth. Neither Israel, Zionists nor “the occupation” is mentioned in Article 7.

October 7 is a clear example of the raison d’etre of every member of Hamas as required by its charter.

Yet JVP, IfNotNow et al ignore the antisemitic swamp they wallow in just as Grigory Zinoviev (raised Hersh Apfelbaum/1883-1936) did.

One of three top members of the Communist Party, he was one of Lenin’s closest associates.  He used his influence — not to help his fellow Jews — but to build a regime that would destroy the Soviet Jewish community.

Yet at the end of the day he learned — notwithstanding his devotion to communist antisemitism — that for the enemies of the Jews — a Jew is a Jew is a Jew.

After Stalin had him arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison, his antisemitic myopia remained intact. He wrote in a letter from prison: “I stare at your (Stalin’s) portrait in the newspapers thinking: my dear ones, look into my heart, and surely you will see that I am no longer your enemy, that I am your body and soul.”

In August 1936, Stalin had him executed. 

See: “For Jewish Antisemites, A Cautionary Tale,” Rabbi Menachem Levine, Aish.com, 5/12/24.

JVP, IfNotNow et al should study the life and death of Gregory Zinoviev (raised Hersh Apfelbaum). Not withstanding their devotion to Islamic antisemitism, it is their future.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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