Letters: BNSCP Breaking Regs – Again

Letters: BNSCP Breaking Regs – Again

Dear City Council. 

I join in the matters raised by Rachel Amaru, below. BNSCP continues to violate with impunity Res 631, its Commitments, and Sister Cities International principles. Notice, too, that in their preceding FB post of July 1, BNSCP has morphed its specific purpose event (fundraising for a medical clinic) into a generalized showing of “support for Palestine.” Under the circumstances, what do you suppose that means? 

I again ask: what City supported platform will the City provide to those of us who wish to advance political perspectives differing from BNSCP’s, and bearing the City’s imprimatur? 

I also join in Rachel’s request for the long awaited issuance of a Resolution Against Antisemitism.* In addition to the flag assault described by Rachel, we in Sunday’s walk were subjected to numerous slurs (such as “Free Palestine, you f****** sluts!”) and taunts. Protected speech, yes. The kind of civil climate that the City wishes to endorse through its silence, I hope not. The Mayor and Council must demonstrate moral clarity and leadership in this city for the protection of a substantial part of the population as well as all people of good conscience. 

Thank you.

Bruce Shaffer


*P.S. –  Please put to rest the hyper-nuanced, non-real world claim that the current anti-Zionism is not antisemitism. With roots in the infamous and repealed 1975 Soviet sponsored Zionism-is-racism resolution, anti-Zionism is precisely the 21st century strain of antisemitism. Useful discussion at https://youtu.be/l4gX7XR0GW0?si=yUuYUj8Q998uIiSW starting at 19:35.

Dear Mayor Brockett,

The attached link to the most recent post on the Boulder Nablus Sister Project is completely political and not rooted in any legitimate news source.

Please insure that it is taken down per the regulations. This is something you (and I assume Ms Adams due to her oversight of BNSCP) is meant to moderate.

My comment, and my source of i24 point out that Nablus remains a place where terrorists act from, and hide.

Source for this? Per i24 News, worth also noting this fact: “The IDF has operated extensively in the West Bank, with Nablus representing one of the hotbeds of terrorist activity. Since the war with Hamas began on October 7, Israeli security forces have increased deployment and conducted more raids to prevent the West Bank from becoming an additional front in the war against terrorists.” (https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel/defense/artc-idf-launches-manhunt-after-terrorist-attack-in-west-bank)

2000 IDF soldiers in Nablus? I have not seen that figure cited anywhere — and most definitely not within the last 24 hours (per their claim that this is happening “now.”

The posting of “fake news” on the BNSCP is meant to do only one thing — incite hatred.

Please have it taken down immediately.

Thank you,

Rachel Amaru

PS – I’d like to also bring to your attention that during our peaceful solidarity walk on behalf of the hostages (every Sunday, since Thanksgiving), a 70+ year old Jewish woman who had an Israeli flag over her shoulders, had it pulled off of her, and stolen. The person ran away with it, and we could not find them. This has been reported to the police. She luckily did not sustain any injuries.

Once again, I ask that council issue a Resolution Against Antisemitism. 

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