Letter: Primary Elections Dampen Middle East Issue 

Dear Letter to the Editor:

I do not share Bruce Ticker’s assessment of Pres. Biden’s accomplishments and hope that he is not correct in assessing Biden’s chances for re-election. (“Column: Primary Elections Dampen Middle East Issue as an Obstacle to Biden” boulderjewishnews.org March 7, 2024)

I do not agree that Pres. Biden has worked hard to improve the lives of the average American. Under Biden, we have seen an increase in illegal border crossings as well as the trafficking of both people and illicit drugs. Government spending has resulted in record inflation making it hard for families living paycheck-to-paycheck to put food on their tables. Pandering to Iran has restored the Islamic Republic’s ability to fund its proxies’ attacks on both Israelis and Americans. Aid to Ukraine has been held up in Congress. Granted, the president doesn’t pass legislation. But a skilled politician should be able to work with Congress to get legislation passed. With Biden’s long history as a Senator, Vice-President, and resident of the Oval Office for three years, he should be able to pressure Congress to do its job.

Under the Trump Administration, Iran was on the brink of bankruptcy and the Middle East was quiet. Several Arab states had joined the Abraham Accords. There was no American money flowing to UNRWA or the PA’s Pay-for-Slay program. There was hope for new policies which might end the longstanding conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors (including the Palestinians). While the Biden Administration has continued to supply Israel with needed weapons and replacement parts for Iron Dome, its constant calling on Israel to be more careful to avoid civilian casualties and to send more humanitarian aid to the Palestinians has been grist to the mill of those who claim Israel is the aggressor in the war against Hamas. In contrast, his mention in the State of the Union address that Hamas could end the fighting by freeing the hostages and surrendering was just a passing thought. It should have been a main point, accompanied by a vision of a demilitarized Gaza and deradicalizied Palestinians preparing for peaceful coexistence with the nation-state of the Jews.

The Democrats treated our “former president” in a most undemocratic manner – impeaching him almost immediately after he was inaugurated, accusing him of collaborting with the Russians (has anyone ever been held accountable for using the phony dossier to lie to the FISA court?), bringing multiple suits against him, and attempting to keep his name off the ballot in several state primaries.

I do concur with Ticker that Palestinians are suffering. But it isn’t because of Israel, which has offered to share land that is of historic and religious importance to Jews with the Palestinians. The problem is that Palestinian leaders have turned down multiple Israeli and US proposals that could have led to the establishment of the first-ever Palestinian state (if only the Palestinians would give up on their idea of a Two State solution, a Jew-free Palestinian state and a Muslim-majority Israel). In addition, leaders of both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have long overstayed their elected terms, tolerated no criticism from the Palestinians, embezzled monies donated for their people’s benefit, and diverted humanitarian aid to efforts to delegitimize and destroy Israel. (Surely, Gaza could have become Hong Kong on the Mediterranean if Hamas had spent $1,000,000,000 to develop the area’s economy rather than building its extensive network of terror tunnels).

Toby F. Block
Atlanta, GA

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