Letter: As Israel Depends on the Kindness of a Strange Congress

Dear Letter to the Editor:

I must disagree with Bruce Ticker. Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan don’t need America’s kindness. (“Column: As Israel Depends on the Kindness of a Strange Congress” Boulder Jewish News February 15, 2024.) Each needs a strong America, able to keep the bad actors of the world in check. In his rush to undo all of the accomplishments of the Trump administration, President Biden has significantly weakened the United States and empowered Iran, Russia, and China to threaten America and our allies.

When President Trump was in office, the US was exporting oil which kept prices low. President Biden’s overly hasty attempts to end the use of fossil fuels limited our production of oil and forced European countries to buy Russian oil. This financed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Trump had also weakened Iran’s economy by imposing sanctions that limited Iran’s ability to sell oil. Biden removed the sanctions, allowing Iran to resume financing its terrorist proxies. Thus, Hamas and Hezbollah are attacking Israel and the Houthis are attacking American troops while disrupting international shipping through the Red Sea. And China reasons that the world will be too busy to notice when it attempts to take over Taiwan.

The world was safer under Donald Trump  | The Hill

Of course, once our allies are under attack, they need and expect our help. But there are limits on what America can provide when we are facing problems of our own. Biden’s reversal of Trump’s immigration policy has seen a major increase in the number of people crossing our borders illegally (with concurrent increases in human trafficking and entrance of illegal drugs). The need to provide services for the immigrants strains the economy. Including illegal immigrants in US Census reports will affect the numbers of Representatives allotted to the various states in Congress.

Edwards: Only American citizens should determine representation in Congress | Congressman Chuck Edwards (house.gov)

I must also differ with Mr. Ticker’s views on the set up of our legislature. America is not only the country of its people, it is also a union of States. Thus, the number of Representatives apportioned to each state depends on the state’s population but each of the fifty states has two Senators. America’s states vary in size and population. Forty-five percent of America’s people live in just four states: California, Texas, Florida, and New York. If seats in both Houses of Congress were distributed based on population, the needs of large, but less populated states, such as Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska would, very likely be ignored. Filibusters and cloture votes may be annoying but they can be handled. Southern Democrats opposed the civil rights legislation supported by Lyndon Johnson (the head of their own party!) and conducted many long tirades against the passage of the bill. But astute politicians managed to get it passed into law.

U.S. Senate: Landmark Legislation: The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Toby F. Block
Atlanta, GA

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