Celebrate Passover on the Farm!

We are creating a memorable exploration of Passover and spring for the whole family at Boulder JCC’s Milk and Honey Farm. Passover on the Farm, taking place on Sunday, April 21st from 10-11:30 am, will help connect symbols from the farm to the seder plate to make the holiday come alive. From digging horseradish out of the ground and tasting wild lettuce, we’ll be able to make a connection on how these items are available during this time of year to be a symbol of this holiday.

Together with Farmer Becca and Farmer Rachel, we will explore the outdoor hands-on experience of the holiday as a family affair to make the holiday relevant and meaningful. Being able to connect the animals and plants we are using, we can make a deeper appreciation for the symbols of life and renewal. Through a multi-sensory adventure, we’ll connect beets to our seder plate and make homemade matzah. 

Centered on family and communal celebration of a Seder, this ceremony reenacts the Exodus. Full of symbolic foods, the seder plate tells the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt. One of the most important Passover rituals is removing chametz or leavened bread from the home. Removing this symbolizes the haste with which the Israelites left Egypt and the lack of time they had to allow their bread to rise. Instead, matzah, or unleavened bread, is eaten during Passover.

Want to spruce up your Passover Seder plate at home? Here are some sustainable and creative ways to get everyone involved!

  • Grow and sprout your green plants for the seder plate. Most years, we can find herbs appropriate for the seder outside our homes. However, some years, Passover comes “early” and it may be too cold to collect herbs from outside for your plate. Check out these resources to grow and sprout greens from inside your home!
  • Looking for ways to make your seder plate more sustainable? You can implement different aspects such as a vegetarian or vegan seder, hosting a potluck, making homemade matzah, or even discussing different activities and rituals that engage your guests. Follow this link for more information and ideas on making your seder more sustainable

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