Boulder JCC and Rotary EV and E-Bike Expo: All-Things EV Insights and Q&A Session

The Boulder Jewish Community Center and Boulder Rotary Club EV & E-Bike Expo will be held at the Boulder JCC on Monday, June 17th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

National EV expert Nigel Zeid will give an all-things EV talk and answer your questions.  The Colorado Energy Office will speak on Colorado’s program to promote EVs. David Askey will give traveling tips based on two cross-country trips in his Tesla.

A variety of electric vehicles and e-bikes and their owners will be at the Expo so you can see the vehicles, determine how much the vehicle costs, and most importantly learn what it is actually like to own an EV or e-bike.  You will be able to get answers to questions such as:

  • How much will your vehicle cost? 
  • How many miles can I expect to get for a charge?
  • Are you able to obtain Federal and/or State tax credits?
  • Is it better to lease or purchase an EV?
  • Will you need to wait a long time on a waiting list before you can purchase an EV?
  • How much can you expect your electric bill to go up if you charge your EV at home?
  • Are there an adequate number of charging stations in Boulder, the greater Denver area, and throughout the state of Colorado?
  • Are service stations available for repairing EVs in Boulder?
  • Will cold weather make my EV less efficient? 
  • How does an EV handle in the snow?
  • How would you compare driving an EV to a car powered by an internal combustion engine?

Come to the EV Expo to have your questions answered by those who have actual experience with EVs!

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