Where Can I Read Reliable News? What Is Really Going On?

The news out of Israel is horrific and is going to get worse. Israel must defend herself. As Prime Minister Golda Meir once said to then Senator Joe Biden, “We Jews have a secret weapon; we have no place else to go.”

The IDF has warned civilians in northern Gaza to evacuate to southern Gaza. Hamas has told them to stay. This is because Hamas uses civilians as human shields. Even if civilians remain in the targeted zones, Israel will have to bomb because they must destroy Hamas. World opinion will quickly turn against Israel and Jews everywhere.

The world will quickly forget that on October 7, Hamas terrorists dismembered Israeli babies, killed parents in front of children, and paraded captured women through their streets. They will quickly forget the numbers of civilians the US and British killed in order to win World War ll.

We must remember and remind.

Hamas is not a freedom fighting organization. Hamas’ stated mission is the annihilation of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

You may find that your usual news sources are no longer reliable. I recommend JTA.Org as an accurate and professional source of news.

Be wise. Be safe. Be strong.

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