The Story of Elul

In our vulnerability we travel the wilderness,
looking for the fields to sow, to cultivate,
afraid to be afraid, together we missed the call
our loneliness seeming to engage us to bring something, anything
to worship,
the hunger for something greater than ourselves|
we look to what we knew
we took our fine goods with us
lets build on that, we said

Moses was pissed
Don’t forget God too!

This time I will lead, maybe they will listen, said God
you can’t see me Moses, if you do all will be ruined,
the seeking then would continue towards the golden calf

Let the bush burn, turn away Moses so you can
hear me, that’s your focus, lets hope its the Israeli’s too
the call of the Shema

Hear, Here, Pay Attention

God forgave us going into this
journey of the wild knowing full well
that Grace, Kindness, Truth
and Compassion are not innate,
our missteps there to enlighten us
to show us a way

Reflect, Forgive, make amends,
Follow the Truth,
Love, Bring Joy and
vulnerability as you
sow and cultivate your fields

Not to worry, it will take a lifetime


About Todd Greenberg

A Jew by birth, a seeker for 60 years. Having realized that all my previous studies and searching brought me back to Judaism as the foundation for my Spiritual practice and my connection to Hashem. Life's love and all that has been challenged in me has been inspirational over the last year to write poetry. Thank you for the opportunity to share what is in my heart and mind.

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