(Image credit: ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, L. Armus, A. Evans)

The Messiah Within

(Image credit: ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, L. Armus, A. Evans)

“All impediments and obstacles have been nullified. Thus, not only is the actual existence of Moshiach here, but also the revela­tion of Moshiach. Now, all one needs to do is actually greet and accept Moshiach.”Menachem Mendel Schneerson Shabbos Vayeira 5752, Ch. 14

I bow to the Holy
to the Divine Light
to the Chaos that formed ALL
to the Sparks from Heaven
to the Soul in me

70 +  names of God
all aspects of the mystery,
of being, becoming, living,
Divine Revelation, Divine Redemption,
the Truth that is Moshiach

God of Abraham,
God of Issac, God of Jacob
God of Sarah, God of Rachel,
God of Rebecca, God of Leah,
all aspects of the Divine Self, the
living mystery of our experience

the Messiah within
I greet in Love, accepting it with Grace


About Todd Greenberg

A Jew by birth, a seeker for 60 years. Having realized that all my previous studies and searching brought me back to Judaism as the foundation for my Spiritual practice and my connection to Hashem. Life's love and all that has been challenged in me has been inspirational over the last year to write poetry. Thank you for the opportunity to share what is in my heart and mind.

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