The Major Unspoken Israeli Combat: Our War Against Trauma

KIRYAT SHMONA, Israel, Dec, 12, 2023 – We are now two months into the war. The implications and costs of the war are gradually coming to light – both physical and mental. Along with the slaughter of the battlefield, attrition battles of the “news wars” are taking place. The physical and mental ruins that are only now starting to receive attention. The buds of trauma on the personal, community, and employment levels. Life in Israel at the end of 2023 – a sad picture that must be treated without delay and still without government budgets being directed for this purpose.

In the center of Kiryat Shmona, just 1.1 miles from the Lebanon border, a city whose over 25,000 residents have been scattered among 200 hotels in Israel far from their homes stands the Community Stress Prevention Center (CSPC). Founded 44 years ago by Prof. Mooli Lahad, an international expert on psychotrauma, who has advised heads of state on issues of trauma during wars and disasters around the world: The war in Ukraine, the World trade center disaster, natural disasters in USA, Japan, Sri Lanka, Haiti, and more. Prof. Lahad and his family lived in Kiryat Shmona when the Center was founded. His awareness of the challenges the local residents faced shaped and informed the development of unique research-based coping and therapy strategies.

Awarded numerous global prizes, Lahad and his professional staff have been on this mission for dozens of years and have trained during over 700K hours thousands of therapists in Israel and around the world. Since the start of the war, 150 CSPC staff have been working around the clock with the evacuees in the hotels, witnessing their fear and do everything they can to support the anxiety of the children, the adults, the military personnel, and other populations through advanced trauma treatment methods.

Prof. Mooli Lahad: “Israel is facing the most difficult period in its history. Israeli society, and especially its leadership, must now look forward and think about the day after. Without appropriate financial resources, it will be difficult to treat and help the people who need this more than ever. I would like to thank our partners and supporters over the years once again for your generosity that allows us to support the residents of Israel who require mental support and the strengthening of their personal and community resilience”.

Yiftah Benbenisti, MSW, CEO of CSPC: “The resilience centers of the Eastern Galilee and Western Galilee provide emergency mental health resources for about half a million residents of the northern conflict line. The CSPC currently wishes to spread as widely as possible the unique therapeutic methods it has developed and the resilience-focused rehabilitation system around the world in many populations”.

Your generosity, accepted with great gratitude and appreciation, enables the continued support for those who require it. Happy holidays to us all.

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