Men of the J Start Men’s Issues Discussion Group

The new Men of the J group, which is launching on January 26, is starting a Men’s Issues Discussion Group as one of its first on-going programs.

This group will be a place where participants can share over many months and years their thoughts on subjects rarely discussed by men:

  1. Who am I, and what is important to me.
  2. What is difficult and what is valuable regarding our relationships with family members, parents, siblings, spouses or partners, children, spouses of our children, grandchildren, and friends.
  3. How we feel about aging and the present stage of our life.
  4. What are our hopes and fears about aging in the years ahead.
  5. How have we dealt with the death of those who have been close to us.
  6. What is our vision and hope for those who come after us.
  7. Other topics that group members feel they want to address.

The three co-organizers of the discussion group will guide the conversation each month and encourage participants to share about themselves when they are ready and only to the extent that they are comfortable.

What our monthly discussion group is not:

It is not therapy
It is not problem solving
It is not a life complaint session
It is not a place to define ourselves by what we do or did for work or career
It is not a place to discuss politics, sports, favorite restaurants, and trips taken

Steven Moss, Don Liss, and Ken Gross have decades of positive experience participating in men’s groups over the last thirty years.  We are establishing a men’s issues discussion group here as part of the Men of the J program.   This is an opportunity for those men who see this as valuable, to start what we anticipate will be a multi-year journey of reflection, sharing, and gaining insight into ourselves and the other participants.  The initial meeting will take place on February 1st.

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