Lifelong Learning Classes Set for Winter 2024

Lifelong Learning Classes Set for Winter 2024

Over 75 people participated in the Exchange Open House for the Winter 2024 term. Perspective students were introduced to the classes and instructors upcoming in January 2024.  

The winter classes include:

  • Diving into the Colorado River

Melinda Kassen’s class will provide an overview of the history, infrastructure and financing of the west’s water management and water quality protection systems. The class will take a deep dive into the specifics of the Colorado River Basin, discuss the challenging and complex policy choices, and examine how decision-makers try to explain water issues to an unengaged public.

  • The Evolution of the Short Play: 1900 to 1960

David Kieran has put together a group of ten short plays that span the first 60 years of the 20th Century. They represent the work of some of the best-known playwrights of that period, including Chekhov, O’Neill, Parker, Wilder, Benet, Milne, T. Williams, Miller, Pinter and Albee. The class will include an introduction to the short play and the contributions that it has made to the world of drama.  Participants will be asked to read and prepare to discuss two short plays for each of the remaining five classes. 

  • Rethinking the Big Bang: The Impact of the James Webb Space Telescope

Wilson Wiedenheft’s class will explore recent discoveries and discuss how they support or disrupt our view of the universe. Wilson will review the underlying cosmological principles at an introductory level.  (Prior knowledge of cosmology is not required.)  Areas of special focus will include the early universe and exoplanets, what happens when a black hole destroys a star, and what we are seeing in JWST’s first deep field image of the universe.

  • The Roosevelts and Modern American Liberalism

Neither Franklin or Eleanor Roosevelt witnessed the fulfillment of their aspirations for the liberal American ideal of security and multi-racial citizenship based on a concept of racial equality.  But together they played major roles in establishing the agenda for future leaders.  Through lectures, videos, and discussion, Bob Haws will dig into the successes and challenges this powerful couple faced in their marriage and their time in leadership working to shape our society. 

All classes are two hours, once a week, for six weeks. Four classes will be held in person at the JCC on Wednesdays starting January 17, 2024. Class registration for the winter term opened online on December 6. Each class is $60 and financial support is available. All classes meet in person and have limited capacity.   Advance registration is required and there is a waitlist option available if the class is full. 

“There has been a lot of interest and enthusiasm for these classes,” said Joy Alice Eisenhauer, Director of Arts, Culture and Education at the Boulder JCC.  “We had a great launch in the fall and we are excited to keep it going this winter.”

All Boulder JCC programs are open to everyone of all or no religious affiliation.  You do not need to be Jewish to participate. There is no membership requirement to participate in Boulder JCC programs.   Using a computer rather than your mobile device will make the registration process easier for you. For registration support call 303-998-1900 or contact Acy Jackson

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