Letter: Natalie Abulhawa

Dear Editor,

In light of recent events, I have been reading a lot about what is going on in Israel. As a Jewish American with a teenage daughter, I am especially concerned. I recently took my daughter on a tour of Harvard University the day before the Oct 7th attacks, and to find out that there are over 30 Muslim/anti Israel groups on campus is astounding (compared to just one at Brandeis, SJP). My daughter, and I, are hearing a lot of falsehoods and exaggerations.

I came across the article published last year by Bruce Ticker about Natalie Abulhawa. (Column: ‘Sitting Duck’ Distorts Her Anti-Israel Distortions, BJN 9/15/22.) I looked at her LinkedIn, and she seemed to be gainfully employed in her field for years, with her firing from her 10-day old job at a private school not really impacting anything. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataliehabulhawa/ 

It’s all smoke and mirrors. My daughter is inundated with TikTok shorts of the horrors in Gaza, focusing on teenage girls, and them speaking about their first-hand experience in a war zone (nothing about Israeli victims). And with biased, unethical lying “journalists” it is scary. FYI: Natalie was recently married in Mexico. She has a TheKnot profile. https://www.theknot.com/us/natalie-abulhawa-and-khalid-heba-oct-2023

Amy Ashford

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