Letter: If a Tree Falls in the Woods…

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Recently two events at major American university newspapers make clear that American academia intends to willfully deny the reality that the Department of Education Office For Civil Rights has declared anti-Zionist discrimination actionable under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

On April 3, 2023 the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights and the University of Vermont entered into a Resolution Agreement in which the historic aspect was that anti-Zionist discrimination is now actionable under Title VI.

It is the first time Title VI of the Civil Rights Act has been specifically applied against anti-Zionist discrimination — “national origin harassment on the basis of shared ancestry”.

Recognizing the fact that A Return to Zion — what today is Israel, is the singular foundational narrative of the 3,500 year old Jewish Bible, (the only source of Judaism),  — as the “shared ancestry” of the Jewish people, the Office for Civil Rights has articulated that anti-Zionist discrimination is now actionable at all levels of the American educational system.

Yet the “Vermont Cynic.” the student newspaper of record for the University of Vermont, in a lengthy report about this Resolution Agreement never mentioned its historic significance. (“Feds Conclude Investigation of UVM’s Handling of Antisemitism Allegations”).

Then two days later the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights initiated an investigation against George Washington University based on allegations of antisemitism against psychiatry professor Lara Sheehi.. The most cursory examination of these allegations makes clear that anti-Zionist discrimination is the core of the allegations. When professor Lara Sheehi  introduces herself to an Israeli student she  invariably says: “It’s not your fault you were born in Israel”.

Over 10,000 similar public tweets have been preserved under #blackflaghag which Zionist students are obviously aware of.

They include:

“F*ck Zionism, Zionists and Settler Colonialism” 9/1/19 6:39 AM.

“You can’t be a Zionist and a feminist” 5/9/21 5:54:04 AM.

Sheehi’s anti-Zionism is obviously the subject of the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights current investigation at GW. (“Lara Sheehi’s Joyous Rage: Antisemitic Anti- Zionism, Advocacy Academia and Jewish Students’ Nightmares at GWU,” Professor Cary Nelson, Fathom Magazine, April 2023).

Yet both in the lengthy articles about the Resolution Agreement in the “Vermont Cynic” and the  Department of Education Office for Civil Rights investigation in the student newspaper of record for George Washington University, the “GW Hatchet” (“Office for Civil Rights to Investigate Antisemitism Allegations”) the historic issue of anti-Zionist discrimination as now being actionable under Title VI is never mentioned.

Twice is not a coincidence. Obviously left-wing antisemitic academia and its student newspapers have  hunkered down and decided to propound a variation on the old adage that if a tree falls in woods (in this case the Department of Education Office For Civil Rights declaration that anti-Zionist discrimination is now actionable under Title VI) and if they don’t speak about it and they don’t write about it, no one will  know about it.

With all the virulent antisemites in positions of power in Middle East Studies programs, as well as in similar important positions throughout American academia including student newspapers, such  academic and journalistic antisemitic obfuscation might very well work.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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