A Unique Theater Experience Awaits You at the Boulder JCC: “We Are Our Stories”

We Are Our Stories
Sunday, April 30 | 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM | $25, $15 for Educators, FREE for Students

Everybody has a story, whether that be a life journey, interesting happening, or heroic tale. Whatever your story may be, consider bringing it to our Playback Theater performance to see your story transformed into introspective, thought-provoking art on stage and in the moment. Please join us for a pre-program social with light fare and refreshments from 6 – 6:30 PM.

Since 2019, the talented performers of the Colorado University Playback Ensemble have helped audiences across Colorado share their stories, encouraging a sense of commonality and shared belonging. At a Playback performance, audience members voluntarily share stories from their lives, which trained actors and musicians re-enact on the spot through improvised forms of music, sound, and movement. The result is an evening of art, insight, connection, and community. Check out this short video:

Playback Theatre has been practiced around the world for nearly 50 years, frequently in conflict zones, due to its proven capacity to bring audiences together. Through the communal sharing of stories – enlivened by the empathy-building power of live theatre – the truth and complexity of our individual lives are unearthed, shared, and honored. Real life is transformed into art – with the capacity to transform real life.

Click here to register. The is a free program and advance registration is always recommended for programs at the Boulder JCC. Using a computer rather than your mobile device will make the registration process easier for you. For registration support call 303-998-1900. To make programs accessible to all, we are happy to assist anyone with financial need. 

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