Letter: Celebrating Two Shoahs

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Just as Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels in his diary celebrated Kristallnacht, Bassem Eid accurately describes Palestinian Arabs celebrating jew killing:

“…celebrated by Palestinians and their admirers as far away as Yemem…a mass shooting as an occasion for sweets and be dancing…celebrate ‘martyrdom’ attacks on Israelis. “

— “After Massacre at Jerusalem Synagogue” Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

 Stephen Daisley also accurately describes Palestinian Arabs celebrating jew killing:

“On Friday night, in Jenin, Ramallah, Nablus and East Jerusalem, Palestinians gathered to celebrate the synagogue murders. Crowds set off fireworks, started bonfires, fired their weapons into the air, honked car horns and chanted. In Hebron they handed out sweets to children while in Gaza cries of ‘Allahu akbar’ boomed from mosque loudspeakers. I include these details not to shock you. They shouldn’t, for such festivities are part and parcel of every Palestinian terrorist attack. “

— “Why Do Some Palestinians Celebrate Violence Against Israelis?” The Spectator

Dione J. Pierre in Algemeiner wrote:

“Images on social media circulated Friday of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza celebrating a terrorist attack in Jerusalem that left two Israelis dead on Friday morning, just hours before the beginning of Shabbat.

In a video posted to Twitter, a man instructs children in Gaza to hand out pastries to passerby in honor of 31-year-old Hussein Qaraqe, who rammed his car into a bus stop in the East Jerusalem in an attack that killed six-year-old Yaakov Pelli and twenty-year-old newly-wed Alter Shlomo Liderman while injuring five others. Images also purported to show members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Khan Yunis, Gaza, distributing sweets.”

— “Palestinians Celebrate Murder of Israelis in Terrorist Attack, Media Headlines Call Victims ‘Settlers'”, Algemeiner

Goebbels wrote about Kristallnacht in which 91 Jews were murdered, 7000 Jewish businesses destroyed, and  900 synagogues burned:

“When I drove by the hotel, window panes fly to pieces. Bravo. Bravo. The synagogues burn in all the big cities…The action went perfectly”.

— Joseph Goebbels Diary Entries After Kristallnacht,  November 10/11, 1938, Translated by Arnold Schunck

Since 1993 Palestinian terror attacks  have been responsible for the murder of over 1500 Israelis at Passover Seders, discos, pizza parlors, restaurants, shopping malls, buses, bus stations, synagogues and other civilian locations….including seven worshipers murdered by a Palestinian Arab terrorist at a synagogue in the eastern part of Jerusalem on January 27, 2023. 

As Italian historian Giulio Meotti eloquently described in 2009 in his book, “A New Shoah”,  this endless Muslim murder of Jews has gone on now for generations. In fact the gruesome slaughter of 67 Jews in Hebron in August 1929 described in poignant detail by Mr. Meotti  proves that the Arabs need neither the excuse of the “occupation” nor the excuse of the state of Israel to slaughter Jews.  (“A New Shoah. The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism”, Giulio Meotti, page 111-112, 2009)

The murder of seven Jews worshipping at a Jerusalem synagogue this week is just another piece of this bloody Muslim mosaic of Jew killing which as Bassem Eid, Dione J. Pierre and Stephen Daisley makes clear are celebrated in a faux Joseph Goebbels fashion by the the Palestinian Arabs. It represents the same genocidal rejection of the existence of the Jewish people as did the infamous words of Palestinian Arab leader and Nazi war criminal the Grand Mufti Amin al- Husseini when he rejected a two state solution on November 30, 1947: “Murder the Jews. Murder all of them”.

Just as the Nazis’ goal was a judenfrei Europe, the Palestinian Arab goal is a judenfrei world as demanded in Article 7 of the Hamas Charter. It is the reason the Palestinian Arabs have rejected an independent state of Palestine in 1947, 1948, 1967, 1994, 2000, 2008, 2019 and 2020. To see these seven murders of worshippers at the synagogue in the eastern part of Jerusalem  celebrated by the Palestinian Arabs as Mr. Eid, Mr. Dione and Mr. Daisley describes is nothing more than an emulation of Joseph Goebbels’ perverse celebration of Kristallnacht.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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