Letter: Biden’s “Rules of War”? 

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Like Rafael Medoff, I am dismayed that Pres. Biden felt it necessary to remind Israel to try to avoid civilian casualties. (Opinion: Biden’s “Rules of War”? Not in World War II boulderjewishnews.org October 16, 2023.) Biden should be well aware that Israel goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid injuring or killing civilians when Israel is forced to respond to attacks on her own civilians.

kemp-israel_the_worlds_most_moral_army-transcript.pdf (ctfassets.net)

However, as much as I am dismayed by Pres. Biden’s admonition (which could lead to Israel’s enemies saying, “See. The IDF isn’t so moral. Biden had to issue a warning!”), I am more concerned about the actions of the Biden Administration which have empowered Israel’s foes. Almost immediately upon entering office, Pres. Biden began weakening sanctions that had been imposed on Iran by the Trump Administration. Biden even released money to the ayatollahs in an attempt to strike a new nuclear deal with Iran, long known as the world’s foremost funder of terror groups in the Middle East.

Biden’s $90 Billion Bailout to Tehran (foreignpolicy.com)

And, perhaps most significantly, the Biden Administration has reversed the policy of the Trump Administration in regard to giving money to UNRWA (the UN agency that has abetted Arab countries in keeping the “Palestine refugees” in refugee limbo for generations) and in funding the Palestinian Authority (which states that its top priority is providing financial support to Palestinians (and/or their families) when those Palestinians answer the Authorities’ call for “violent resistance against the ‘Occupation’.”

Biden & Co. Keep Funding Palestinian Terror — in Defiance of Congress – JINSA

This year’s uptick in attacks on Israeli citizens in Judea and Samaria (called “the West Bank” when the land was under Jordanian occupation for nearly two decades) was a factor in Hamas’ being able to infiltrate Israel on October 7, 2023; Israel forces had been shifted to Judea and Samaria from the “under control” Gaza border.

How Hamas duped Israel as it planned devastating attack | Reuters

Toby F. Block
Atlanta, GA

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