Letter: 150% Reservist Call Up

Dear Letter to the Editor:

For the last several years Thomas Friedman, the New York Times‘ most famous columnist, has harangued the public about the supposed incredible division in Israel. A division that could never possibly be healed as long as Prime Minister Netanyahu was in office. He repeated this allegation in dozens of op eds. 

The primary example Mr. Friedman has spilled thousands of gallons of ink on is his unequivocal belief that the IDF reservists are so upset by this “political divide” in Israel that thousands would refuse to show up for duty if called. This premise concerning the IDF reservists was the foundations for op-ed after op-ed.

So what is the reality v Mr. Friedman’s unequivocal opinions?

On the morning of October 9 on a world wide zoom conference, Israeli Brigadier Gen (Res) Amir Avivi declared that the IDF reservists have responded at a rate of 150%.


So many reservists have responded that according to Brigadier Gen (Res) Avivi some are being sent home.

This fact juxtaposed against Mr. Friedman’s years of mendacity concerning IDF reservists and division in Israel makes clear that every word Mr. Friedman has ever written can be viewed in Mary McCarthy’s prism vis a vis the writing of Lillian Hellman: “Every word she has ever written is a lie even ‘and’ and  ‘the’ “.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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