Keep At It, a Poem

Keep At It, a Poem

 Keep At It 

I am wise in my thoughts,
simple in my actions,
forthright and adamant in my feelings,
(for better or worse).

Where am I going,
where are You taking us?
Listen to the explosions of the heart.
Listen to the angst and desire I have –
to seek You, to hear You, to love You.

Sometimes my feelings for You are crushed,
so much violence and destruction
that the wise thoughts are not enough,
that my actions are for naught.

Keep at it God said.
Do not despair.

Where then is the promised land?
Again I ask, where are You taking us,
where are we going?

There is mystery, there is the Unknown,
there is still Beauty and wonder and miracles –
to be seen, to live in, to be a part of,
on this miraculous journey we are all taking together.

We can bring to the world Light and Love.

Keep at it in your despair,
keep at it even when there is destruction, keep at it
when it appears all is lost and the world is torn apart.

The fight for Beauty & Light is always available.
In these dark times there is still Love.

Keep at it!

About Todd Greenberg

A Jew by birth, a seeker for 60 years. Having realized that all my previous studies and searching brought me back to Judaism as the foundation for my Spiritual practice and my connection to Hashem. Life's love and all that has been challenged in me has been inspirational over the last year to write poetry. Thank you for the opportunity to share what is in my heart and mind.

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