Join Sid Fox for an Insightful Exploration of Creation Stories and Human Evolution

The CU Retired Faculty Association is proud to present “In the Beginning – Creation Stories from the First Musings through the Evolution of Life and Us” with accomplished Independent Scholar, Sid Fox. This free presentation will occur on December 4th from 2:00-4:00 pm in the Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE), in Room E351. A ZOOM option will be available. Parking is available in the underground garage.

Reserve Your Spot: Retired Faculty Association Present: “In the Beginning” – Creation Stories from the First Musings through the Evolution of Life and Us – University of Colorado Boulder Register and receive the Zoom link.

Join us in exploring the captivating saga of human evolution, from the ancient footsteps of Lucy and Leakey to the pivotal transition from gatherer/scavenger to gatherer/hunter 60,000 years ago. Uncover the secrets behind our species’ remarkable journey, questioning whether it was ‘survival of the fittest’ or the power of collaboration that propelled our transformation. Discover the enigmatic Neanderthals, our predecessors with a potential grasp of speech 800,000 years ago, as we delve into the turning points that shaped our present state. Unravel the profound mystery of our prolonged infancy, unrivaled in the animal kingdom, and decipher its evolutionary significance. Navigate the sea of data and theories, distinguishing crucial narratives from intricate details, and unearth groundbreaking discoveries, such as the transformative findings from Pinnacle Point, South Africa. Embrace the resilience of our ancestors, who defied all odds with their modest physical capabilities and unparalleled developmental journey, as we unravel the awe-inspiring tale of human survival.


Sid Fox is an Independent Scholar, fascinated by things Biblical, Shakespeare, the Classics, and musings Evolutionary. He has given talks at the University of Colorado to CU Theater, History, Classics, the Society of Biblical Literature, the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Shakespeare Association of America, on topics from Herodotus and Humor, the Prophets Amos & Hosea, Shakespeare for Tolerance, and Against War, and the Merchant of Venice. He and his wife, Liz, are strong supporters of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and their anti-Violence program that has reached over 120,000 Colorado students.

In the Beginning: Where did our fascination with the origins of life and the universe begin, since we were human? On RHS?: Grandmother Fish: A Child’s First Book on Evolution

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