Get Outside and Make Connections

The Boulder JCC offers many wonderful programs for everyone in the community.  Some of the most impactful programs are not even at the building. Offered year round- the hiking and walking programs through the Boulder JCC have proven to be some of the best ways for people to connect.  All of these programs are meeting this coming week on Monday, July 17. 

Hiking and walking offer a wonderful opportunity to connect and meet new people in a natural and organic way. These activities bring individuals together in a shared environment, fostering a sense of camaraderie and companionship. As people traverse beautiful trails, they engage in conversations, exchange stories, and learn from one another’s experiences. The common goal of exploration and appreciation for nature creates a strong bond among hikers and walkers. The unhurried pace of hiking and walking allows for genuine connections to form, unburdened by the distractions of modern life. It is through these encounters that lasting friendships can be forged, as people connect on a deeper level while immersed in the beauty of the outdoors.

Babies at Bobolink

“Being a new parent can be overwhelming, emotional and isolating at times,” said Kimberly Baker, Parenting and Early Learning Director at the Boulder JCC. “We started Babies at Bobolink as a way for parents to meet up outside. Having conversations with other parents normalizes the highs and lows of having a baby. Our goal is for all families to build lasting connections and friendships.”

Caregivers with little ones newborn to 18 months old are invited to join us on the trail. Little ones should be in a stroller or carrier to enjoy the Colorado sunshine.  Kimberly Baker participates each week to help  parents meet other parents and share resources. Our hope for you is to build community and support one another along this parenting journey. 

Men of the J Hikes

Men of the J is a new affinity group at the Boulder JCC that offers programming developed by a committee of volunteers. Most programs are open to people with all gender expressions.  This includes the monthly hikes.  Organized by members of the committee, the monthly hike meetup is designed to be  fun and low-pressure.  Each month the  hike will alternate levels of difficulty and the meet-up location will be announced prior to the hike to those that have registered. The hikes generally draw between 15-20 participants. 

Women of the J Hikes

“I love that I could choose when I wanted to go depending on the difficulty of the hike.” shared one WOTJ Hike Participant. “I also met women whose company I enjoyed very much. It led me to join the canasta lessons which have been terrific!!” 

Women of the J has been offering a monthly hike for many years but during the lockdown the hikes became more popular than ever.  The location, distance and elevation gain is chosen by a member of the Women of the J Advisory Board, Ilyse Bloom   The hikes meet year round and are designed to give participants a chance to talk to each other and connect with new people. Before the group sets off Ilyse usually gives some history of the area or explanation about how the trail became a trail.  She also leads a short icebreaker at the beginning.  

All Boulder JCC programs are open to everyone of all or no religious affiliation.  You do not need to be Jewish to participate.  There is also no membership requirement to participate in Boulder JCC programs.   All these programs are free and open to the community thanks to our generous donors. However, advance registration is always recommended for programs at the Boulder JCC. This allows us to plan accordingly and be in touch with participants if there is a change, especially with outdoor events. Using a computer rather than your mobile device will make the registration process easier for you. For registration support call 303-998-1900 or contact Acy Jackson

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