Former Denver Shaliach Leads Judicial Overhaul Protests in Nes Ziona

Boulder Jewish News received this update from its first Israeli correspondent, Shaul Amir, who was Denver’s Shaliach (Jewish Agency Emissary) from 2002 to 2007:

Shaul Amir

In the last six and a half years (with a break of a year and a half) I have been busy with protests and more so in the last thirteen weeks, right here in our situation of Nes Ziona. I am the spokesperson of the local protests and one of the core organizing group. 

I am sending you the enclosed video. The reporter from the protest, Nurit, is a daughter of Israeli, Boulderite friends of ours, Dalia and Alex Zunger. She is now living in Israel and works for PBS news hour. 

Hoping to hear from you and even more hopeful to see you on my turf if we survive this attempt to kill our fragile democracy. 

–Shaul Amir

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