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BJN Poet Releases Book of Poetry

Lisa Tremback, long-time contributor of poetry to the Boulder Jewish News, has just released a book of her poetry, “The Water Cycles.”

You can see some of her work here in her BJN Author Archive.

You can obtain her book by sending your name and mailing address and $19.95 to on PayPal, or you can use this QR Code:

Here is Lisa, in her own words:

Six years ago, I moved to a home on the Oswego River in New York.  I became completely inspired by the movement of water and how it relates to us.

Each poem is about God in pages that reflect the rhythm and flow of rain, oceans, and rivers.

Moreover, the poems reflect the cycle of living and how we relate to God within the cycle.

Some of the poems are fantastical writings that hope to show that God is in our dreams as well as our reality.

This poetry has been in BJN before, but I have tried to make them more inspiring and of course, edited to make them amber from the sap that the poems were originally written.  

I am an old movie buff (TCM) is not optional.  I have been writing poetry since I was eight, and passed up going to art school for studying poetry under the wing of Bill Knox, my teacher, at Columbia College in Chicago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish college as I worked to keep my husband busy with his PhD.  Finally I got my A.A. at Kishwaukee College near Dekalb, Illinois.

Having children kept me busy for the next twenty years as I was not only mom, but the sole bearer of our kids education.  I learned the secret early that I had to direct my kids to where they could find their answers, instead of giving them answers.  Manager extraordinaire for both home and schooling, and yes, both my sons are quite successful.  I’m extremely modest too.

Once life moved on, I opened an online bookstore, worked that for years, until Amazon hooked everyone on Ebooks.

Facing down surgery after surgery for a neck injury, I folded up the shop and took in a pair of Sun Conures who gave me something to do, raising their hatchlings.  

All the while, through the ups and downs of these events, I wrote, I typed, and I inputted my poetry.  Hoping that someone somewhere might like it enough to read through to the fourth line and say, “I’ve felt like that.” The point of art is to make you feel.  Did I just say that?

What drives my dreams?  In hopes of finding that truth in my ear. To feel the ache of the forgotten and the lost, to be in shock of an unjust war, to feel the pain of so many.

A Poet is not only a scribbler, a painstaking editor that always finds errors, but a conduit to let those, perhaps too busy, to feel the sensations of the world, or just to feel.

Hopefully, the internet might be the last leveller for those poets who are not pedigreed, to the poets who have no commas or periods, to the sparse field of non christian, religious poets and artists.

Keeping both eyes open has taxed my sanity, perhaps we all are fighting this dragon in one way or another, would a sane person believe this world is perfect?

I hope that my humble poetry might yet inspire some younger (or older) poet to express their belief, and perhaps they will have a better way to make the world feel.

I’m pretty happy with the end results.  I think it came together really well.  It was years of work. My father was also a writer and when I write I feel like I am channeling his talent and mixing it with my thoughts.  Lol!  Sounds crazy.

— Lisa Tremback

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