Saging Visions

October, 2022 Exhibition by Artists of The Meadows

Moments and days billow into decades stepping into another decennium until we finally are hailed into our Saging years.  We have Visions.]: Art born of dancing joys, tearful separations. We have been living and breathing moments that have begun to sparkle with the patina of nebulosity: a story, proclamation, certificate of our wisdom.  We are stepping into decades and decades, collectively into centuries or more of tenderness, ecstatic and sublime.  We are Satvah, Granny, Máthair Mhór, Nana, Yaya, Grand Mere, Me`me`, Babushka, Daadee Ma, Shinálí Asdzą́ą́, Abuela, Shimá Sání, Nonna, Oma, Bobe.  Some with children, some without, we are saging crones with a vision of great Goodness to share. Even still, we are discovering the bountiful sparks of our Beauty.

We are not the label of agism that presumptively smiles at our quaintness. We are not the label of a crooked impression regarded as dotty senility.  Our wrinkles are the furrows of wisdom-life, well lived. We are connecting each day…Do you see? Do you hear? Do you receive the gracious envelopment of our perfumed radiance?

•          We are Dignified Eminence. And we say Thank You~

•          We are the Wood and Flute within which flows the Breath Song, and we sing Thank You~

•          We are branches bending and flowing in the wind of The Dance and we waltz a tangoed Thank You~

•          We invite you to listen~ And we share Thank You ~

We are not the faded photographs of memory in a scrapbook.  We breath. We live and have lived within the parallax of age. We are the gift of the Eleventh Hour to you who are at the crossroads, you who are on the summer harvest trek, you who are on the springtime path. We offer our hands and visions as we blossom into our Crone-Sagacity and embrace all of humanity.  Singing the audacity of who we are, we are at a new beauty-phase of discovery. Aging is something we have experienced every day since birth and for each person, it is a different palette of color, humming memory whispering through the pines. No longer are we catering to expectations of others. As poets and troubadours, we sing and change on ever-undulating tides: “You, dear ones, are perfect just as you are ~ flawless in the broken imperfections.” We have been, and still are, charming and sexy, seductive. In our sensuality we bless everyone we meet. We are passionate in the YES … and the no.  As the lightened essence of light, we invite: All Are Welcome in this Place! Join our celebration….

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