Letter: Response to Open Letter from 330 Rabbis

Dear Editor –

The true affront to the vast majority of American Jews and “our values” is that, like anti-Zionist Berkeley Law student groups, we now have 330 rabbis pledging not to invite any speakers whose views they oppose. (Hundreds of US rabbis pledge to block extremists in Israeli government from speaking in their communities– JTA December 22,2022)

Does “commitment to our Jewish and democratic values” free us from listening to and questioning members of the new Israeli government and their supporters, particularly those who hold views with which these rabbis take issue? When did cancel culture, boycotting those deemed to act or speak in an “unacceptable” manner, replace “two Jews, three opinions”?

We are fortunate to have 330 rabbis who will bravely act on their moral certainty that “our values” necessitate preemptive cancellation of inquiry into the thinking of some in the newly elected Israeli government.

Julia Lutch
Davis, CA

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