Celebrate Sukkot on a Farm – Humanistically

Saturday, October 15, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
at Ya Ya Farm and Orchard
6914 Ute Highway in Longmont

Eat donuts instead of challah and apple cider instead of wine and celebrate Sukkot with Beth Ami. There will be music, inspirational readings, a story, and hands-on activities as we focus on the theme of perseverance. Our event is designed for all ages – something for everyone 😉

Why celebrate Sukkot with Beth Ami? Although Sukkot is an ancient holiday, its message is relevant today. Rabbi Sherwin Wine, who founded Humanistic Judaism in 1963, states in his book “Judaism Beyond God,” “Sukkot has special significance. Agriculture was the beginning of human civilization, a quantum jump in the human mastery of the environment…Jewish history is a living testimony to human ingenuity in the face of overwhelming odds…the spaceship is the natural brother of the plow.”

We at Beth Ami are celebrating the efforts of people working together to improve our lives. Enjoy our event and take in the bucolic beauty of Ya Ya Farm and Orchard.

Please click “Attend” on the Meetup page so we know you are coming and can have a donut and cup of cider waiting for you. Please note the “how to find us” information on the event’s Meetup page.

Beth Ami is the only Humanistic Jewish congregation in Colorado and is a proud affiliate of the Society for Humanistic Judaism. We celebrate Jewish holidays, learning and life cycle events through the secular lens of history, culture, and reason. We believe in the human capacity to create a better world without supernatural intervention.

Beth Ami is a welcoming community where we connect to Jewish past, celebrate Jewish present and link to Jewish future through a humanistic philosophy. We encourage anyone interested in learning about Humanistic Judaism to attend this and all our events.

Let’s do Jewish together – Humanistically!

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