Songs of Renewal and Return: Music to Prepare You for The High Holidays with Julie Geller

Sunday, September 12, 11:00 am Mountain time/ 1:00 pm Eastern Time

This experience will be hosted on ZOOM videoconference

Since last Rosh Hashanah we’ve all been on a wild ride. So many of us have entered into new ways of doing things as elemental parts of our lives – work, family, school, health, community, travel, and more – have suddenly and markedly changed. Any stability we may have felt before is lost. Many of us have been on a treadmill just trying to keep up, adjust, and survive amidst all of the instability.

The Hebrew Month of Elul is when we take a moment to slow down and reflect: Where was I this past year? Who was I? What did I learn? It is also the time we look ahead to the coming year: In what ways do I want to grow? How do I want to contribute? What can I do better?

Join Julie Geller for Songs of Renewal and Return as she uses original music and ancient teachings to masterfully lead you to connect more deeply with where you’ve been and what your dreams are for the coming year. Expect to be led through the themes of the season, such as forgiveness, trust, and change in order to touch our common humanity and goodness so that you can bring a sense of connectedness and renewal into your prayer and life in the new year.

Examples of original songs in English and Hebrew that Julie will perform live include Sheya’alu, In Your Hands, and Gates of Love. If you are looking for hope, comfort, inspiration and joy, you will find them here.

Suggested donation $18

About Julie Geller:

Julie is an award-winning Jewish musician, performer and an artist’s coach, offering concerts and classes worldwide. With a lifetime of wisdom from finding and feeding her own calling, she leads audiences toward a deeper understanding of themselves and helps emerging artists find the courage to embrace their calling. Julie is a graduate of Harvard and has been performing on various media platforms since 1996. She has written over 250 songs and produced over 75 music videos, earning her a loyal online following, hundreds of thousands of video views, an invitation to the White House and the Planetree Music Video Award. She and her family live in Raanana, Israel.

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