Order a Complete Seder for 4 from A Spice of Life

Order a Complete Seder for 4 from A Spice of Life

A Passover Seder At Home: essentials for your ceremonial Seder plate followed by a comforting, homestyle family dinner.

Communal dining is one of the essential things we think of when we think of Passover. Sitting around a table (or multiple tables, pushed together, dressed in mismatched tablecloths) covered with glasses, bottles of wine, boxes of matzoh, and the Seder plate centerpiece; reciting the traditional story; and trying not to fidget too much through the part where we have to eat horseradish while we’re dreaming of the brisket that’s waiting for us in the oven.

This year, let A Spice of Life give you a taste of the celebratory meal you love, even if you can’t gather with your loved ones in person. We’ve put together a collection of our families’ own recipes to bring a traditional Seder dinner to your table, and have included the Seder plate essentials for your convenience and peace of mind.

Here’s how it works:

–Preorder your box by Monday, April 6th at 8:00 pm.

–The first pickup and delivery windows will be between 3:00-5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 8th; you may order for a later date as well (please specify during checkout).

–Each meal is conveniently portioned in ethically-sourced compostable (where possible) packaging and will include detailed instructions for reheating as necessary. 

–Please note: while A Spice of Life is not a certified Kosher kitchen, we adhere to strict Kosher-style rules and will take every precaution to ensure no cross-contamination takes place.

–For your convenience, you may use our online ordering platform here.

–Questions? Prefer to call in your order? Give us a call at 303-443-4049. Our team is here to serve you!

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