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This Month at the JCRC — February Actions at the Capitol and Beyond

This Month at the JCRC — Actions at the Capitol and Beyond

The Jewish Community Relations Council, JCRC, is actively giving a voice to the Jewish community at the Colorado State Capitol on issues of importance to the Jewish community. Throughout the legislative session, the JCRC will share a monthly update on their efforts on the community’s behalf.

During the month of February, the JCRC has joined coalitions in support of two state policies currently under consideration.

  • HB 1013: Child Care Expenses Tax Credit Low-Income Families. The JCRC has supported the reauthorization of this legislation in the past, allowing Colorado families making less than $25,000 annually to claim a refundable state income tax credit. The tax credit is equal to 25% of eligible child care expenses incurred during a fiscal year. This bill makes the tax credit permanent, providing support for Colorado’s vulnerable populations. JCRC has joined a large coalition of faith-based and community organizations in support of HB 1013.
  • Full Day Kindergarten. A coalition of community organizations has expressed their support for a proposal by Governor Jared Polis to provide funding for Colorado school districts to offer full day kindergarten for their families. The decision to send children to full day kindergarten will remain optional, but through this proposed policy, the opportunity will be available to all families in all Colorado school districts. The JCRC has joined the coalition in support of this policy, demonstrating the Jewish community’s support for quality education for our future generations.

In addition to supporting legislation, the JCRC is serving as the go-to resource by taking additional action on issues of importance to the Jewish community, including:

  • Participating in a collaborative effort to draft a Colorado proclamation designating April as Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. This effort brings attention to atrocities committed against minority populations throughout the world.
  • Addressing state and federal policy concerns regarding vulnerable populations, including proposed changes to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Releasing a public statement condemning the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services decision to grant a waiver to a South Carolina Foster Care Agency allowing them to discriminate against Jewish families.

Please join the JCRC at its annual JCRC Luncheon on Tuesday, March 12 to celebrate its work and help honor Noel Ginsburg with the 2019 JCRC Community Leadership Award. Mr. Ginsburg exemplifies the work of the JCRC, raising the profile of JCRC’s priority issues including education, workforce innovation and social welfare. He has given years of support to the Jewish community, including as past board chair of JEWISHcolorado. To register or for more information, visit jewishcolorado.org/jcrcluncheon. 

About the JCRC

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is a coalition of 40 Jewish organizations and 15 at-large members who advocate for sound policy and community services on behalf of the Jewish community. The JCRC provides a voice for the Jewish community through its education, outreach and advocacy efforts regarding the Colorado policy agenda.

About Michele Weingarden

Michele Weingarden is the Communications Manager for JEWISHcolorado. JEWISHcolorado is the umbrella community organization focused on stewarding and strengthening the Jewish community in Colorado, Israel and around the world. Since 1946, the organization has provided programs and services that embrace all Jews at every age and stage in life. In matters of daily living and in times of crisis, we act with compassion, competence and resourcefulness to impact the safety and well-being of Jews everywhere. Generous donor support paired with sound resource management allows our commitment to Jews at every age and stage in life to continually grow stronger, in Colorado and our nation, in Israel and throughout the world. For more information, visit www.JEWISHcolorado.org.

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